Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Cycle Skills - Getting Better!

We had a lot of fun today doing lots more cycling.  Lots of people are more confident since the second session.  Look at the pictures and see how well everyone is doing!

Thank you Kerri and Latesha!

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Bike skills Session 3 - Balancing and scooting

In this third session we learned how to balance properly and scoot along on the left side of the bike.

Riley made it look easy but it wasn't!

Monday, March 10, 2014

R13's Wish You Were Here Workshop at Te Tuhi

We had a lovely artistic time at Te Tuhi today. We were well prepared thanks to the 3 fantastic Te Tuhi powerpoints that taught us so much. We enjoyed sharing our cultures and painting a self-portrait which showed our cultural identity and places of personal significance.

All the R13 students wanted to tell Jeremy what they most enjoyed so check out what they wrote throughout this post.

Quintina: I had a fun time at Te Tuhi because we were drawing our face and our childhood. I liked the way Jeremy explained the steps because he spoke clearly and loud enough so everyone could hear.  I liked how easy the lesson was because we did it step by step.  Maybe in the weekends I might be interested in painting some peoples faces.

Artemas: I really liked going to Te Tuhi because I liked drawing my face.  When we were ready we had to copy our face from the drawing we made at school.  It was hard to get the shape of my face and nose and mouth on the new piece of paper.  When I got it right we had to paint it.  It was hard to get to the little spaces so I used a small paintbrush.  When we finished the whole thing we walked back to school. 

Justin: Today Room 13 went to Te Tuhi.  I really enjoyed drawing and painting my face.  We had to use our fraction knowledge that we learned at school.

Shreya: I loved going to Te Tuhi because I learned lots of art skills.  I also learned how to make the shape of my face.  It was easy because I listened to all his instructions.  It was fun drawing the background.  I liked painting the picture because I used lots of different colours.

Allan: I really loved it because Jeremy explained it real well.  He is nice and encouraging and shares his art ideas and that's why I loved it.  I even like his art abilities and how his tricks worked.  When we made mistakes the problem was solved in no time.  I now know just how to sketch myself.

Briana:  I like the Te Tuhi art studio because the art is always simple.  It is also fun because we are making art.  I used my knowledge of how to make my face shape and the halves of my face.

Gemma: Jeremy is kind and polite and he shares his knowledge with others. Everything is set out and he gives instructions carefully.

Nathan:  I liked the trip to Te Tuhi because we learned how to sketch our face.  We used paint and dye. I also loved the way Jeremy had everything planned so we did not have any problems.  I really enjoyed drawing my face again from the sketch I had already drawn.  Luckily one of the mother helpers showed me a fast way to transfer my drawing.

Seth: I really enjoyed going to Te Tuhi.  I love learning about art because I love all art experiences. I thought the place was really well set up.  It was a good experience.  Jeremy was very nice and polite and he gave us some very cool tips about art.

Shelby: Jeremy is kind and artistic.  I could understand his instructions because they were clear.

Joshua:  I really enjoyed doing the art.

Oliver: I really enjoyed learning about the other artists and their ideas.  It was hard and easy.  We had to practise the fractions of the face - the middle, centre and half.  I also liked learning about the cultures because we now know where everyone is from.

Richelle: I really enjoyed going to Te Tuhi because we learned where all the features of the face went so it won't look funny.  The thing I liked is that we did some art there.  I had fun because we did some painting there.

Aliah:  I really enjoyed going to Te Tuhi because we learnt how to do the features of the face and the background for our painting.  I did a good job.

Cameron: Today I went to Te Tuhi with my class, Room 13. I really enjoyed it.  I enjoyed how we got to draw our face again.  I thought mine looked really good.  It was really tricky to get the shape of the face but I managed to do it.  Also Jeremy was very nice.  I had a great time at Te Tuhi because I like art.

Hannan:  I enjoyed drawing and painting my face.  I enjoyed walking to Te Tuhi.  It was fun and I enjoyed it.

Riley:  Jeremy is kind and very artistic.  He makes it easy to understand how to make art.

Thank you Jeremy! We loved every moment and we will be doing lots more follow up at school.

Nga mihi nui,
Tamariki of R13, EPS