Thursday, April 10, 2014

Learning about bacteria and fungus

Room 13 went to a year 5 class today to see the results of some of their investigations into bacteria.We were very amazed at the results! 

Miss Hughes talked to us then showed us some of the petri dishes which had been growing bacteria and mould for a couple of weeks.


Some of the petri dishes looked revolting but we learned that the large, furry patches were fungus not bacteria.  

Bacteria is everywhere in the world - exposure to bacteria is essential so we develop an immunity and we don't get sick.  

We also learned that we need particular types of good bacteria to make things like cheese and yoghurt.

We learned that bacteria shows up in petri dishes as smooth yellow or peach coloured circles. See if you can spot the bacteria in the dishes below...

There was a lot of hand washing that day after we saw these dishes!

We can identify the fungus
and the bacteria... can you?

We will all be washing our hands more carefully.  We need to wash our hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds and make sure that they are thoroughly dried.

It is  important that we wash and dry hands before using the computers.... and before eating.

Thank you Miss H for letting us see the bacteria cultures.  We will never forget them!

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