Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Community Experts Help Us With Our Pest Animal Inquiry

Anna Baine works for the Auckland City Council. 

Ms Baine talking to us today
Yr 4 students asking questions...

Ms Baine works in our community to help people take care of their neighbourhoods in lots of ways:

  • helping people to plant native trees so that we encourage native birds
  • teaching people all about animals that have become pests since they were introduced into New Zealand
  • teaching people about ways we can work out what pest animals are in our neighbourhood
  • recommending ways to get rid of unwanted pest animals

Look at some of the awful animal pests that we now have in New Zealand...
Stoat (one of the animals in the mustelid family)


Many pests were introduced into New Zealand for their fur.  But once the animals were here and were released into the wild their numbers exploded and we had a terrible problem. 

We also learned that:
  •  we now have 70 million possums in New Zealand
  •  possums eat native trees and this affects our native birds
  •  possums also eat native birds' eggs and baby chicks
  • they can give tuberculosis (TB) to cattle on farms near the bush                          
Ms Baine told us how we can get rid of unwanted animal pests in New Zealand
  • by trapping with special plastic traps
  • by poisoning with 1080 poison
  • by hunting

Ms Baine showing a trap
Trap, poison trap, and monitoring tunnel called a tracker tunnel
 We read all about the pest animals:

  • feral cats
  • rats
  • hedgehogs
  • stoats
  • weasels
  • ferrets
  • possums


At the end of the talk some children helped Ms Baine set 5 tracker tunnels on the Reserve and on our back field.  Read the related blog post to see how pest animals are attracted to the tracker tunnels.

Ms Baine holding the ink pad that helps us know what pest animals we have in our area...

 We learned heaps today... Thank you Ms Baine.  We will tell you what we find next week!

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