Monday, June 2, 2014

Our Learnz Virtual Trip aboard RV Tangaroa: Argo Floats- Taking the Pulse of the Worlds' Oceans

We are really excited about being involved in the Argo Floats scientific programme!

What will we be doing?
Taking a nine day voyage with scientists to track the pulse of the ocean.  We will be adopting our own float and sending the data to the scientists.
RV Tangaroa- photo from Learnz
What are Argo Floats? Argo Floats are mechanical robots that float in the oceans and send important information to satellites orbiting the Earth. There will be scientists from NIWA, NOAA and CSIRO on board the RV Tangaroa. The scientists will be dropping two types of floats: regular floats that can descend to 2,000m and a new Deep Argot Float that can get down to 5,500m below the surface. 

To get a great idea of how argot floats work see the following animated video: How Argot Floats Work:

Where we will be going?
We will be going to the Kermadec Islands because they are near a very deep part of the ocean called the Kermadec Trench. The new Deep Argot robots will be able to descend to 5,500m- an amazing feat.

The Kermadec Islands where we are going- photo from Learnz

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