Thursday, June 19, 2014

Tree Planting on the Elm Park Reserve 19 June 2014

Our first attempt to plant trees on the Elm Park Reserve was cancelled due to poor weather and the 19th of June also turned out to be a drizzly day.  However, the Year 4 classes wrapped up warmly and helped Auckland City Council workers to plant 500 trees along the Pakuranga Stream.

Have a look at the photos that show the plants and the muddy conditions.

It was a very satisfying morning for us all.  Our thanks to Anna Baine for organising the tree planting.

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Katrina Elder said...

Well done room 13 and all of the other year 4 classes. I go for a walk along behind the school and along the stream behind Ennis Ave most mornings, and I see and hear so many Tuis and other birds - a lot more than when we first moved here - and think it's thanks to all of the effort that Elm Park have put in, with all the native plantings, regular clean-ups in the reserve and education. It makes me so proud to be part of this community.