Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Community Inquiry: Learning About Animal Pests in our Neighbourhood

Anna Baine came to talk to the students in 3 Yr 4 classes about animal pests. Animal pests are unwanted animals. There are hedgehogs, possums, feral cats, stoats ferrets, weasels, rats and mice. These are unwanted as they harm our native birds and trees. 

To help us find what pests are around Elm Park School we set up tracker tunnels in Elm Park and within the school. These tracker tunnels will let us identify the footprints of pests in our neighbourhood. The tunnel has an ink pad within it so we are able to identify the footprints when we check the tunnels every few days. 

To lure the pest into the tunnels we placed a leaf with peanut butter on top within the tunnel as bait to attract the pest.

Richelle holding one of the tracker tunnels
Anna Baine and students deciding where to put the tracker tunnels

Next week we will check on the tunnels and record what we  find.  Then we can decide on what action we need to take to control pest animals in our school and on the Elm Park Reserve.

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